Friday night celebration service plenary address

“Our ‘first team’ is the local church, says Bruce Enns, pastor of Forest Grove Community Church, Saskatoon, using Patrick Lencioni’s terminology. Some time ago, God convicted him that he had “too low a view of the local church,”… Read More

Friday night testimonies

Gladness, sadness touches CCMBC Gathering The night was the last one for Gathering 2014, and the celebration program reflected Jesus in many aspects of life. Rob Dyck, pastor of Abbotsford’s Arnold Community Church, told of a family who… Read More

Wednesday night Celebration Service

“Welcome to CCMBC’s mission conference!” So began Gathering 2014 at The Centre in Vancouver, with a welcome from executive director Willy Reimer. “We are a mission agency and our mission field is all of Canada.” During Wednesday night’s… Read More