Friday Decision making session

The Friday afternoon business meeting whipped through 7 of the 8 motions, affirming new board members, bylaws, the Historical Commission MOU, and provision of MB Herald subscriptions for members, then encountered vibrant discussion on the motion to approve in principle a draft of the CCMBC sandbox document (mission statement, preferred culture, operating principles, and central ministry focus).

“What about regions where significant numerical growth is an improbability? What does multiplication for mission mean for them?”

– Kevin Koop, Blaine Lake Gospel Chapel, Saskatchewan

14416480431_a2cdc08af9_oWilly Reimer: “This is not a prescriptive target, it’s a description of mindset. What does it mean to be a faithful church in that mindset? We encourage churches to pray and seek the Lord how to live this out given your context. I truly believe God has given each church everything it needs to fulfill God’s call.”

“I’m concerned over the wording ‘to see Canada transformed. ’ It’s a substantial ideological claim, and it’s not biblical.”

– Greg Harris, Northview, Abbotsford, B.C.

Willy Reimer: “As we work through it with executive board, the idea is that we are working to stay away from individualism of our culture. In our understanding of the kingdom of God, he works to redeem individuals through whom there is expression of the kingdom of God through the people of God.”

The wording is still under construction.

The suggestion was made from the floor that the board provide a definition of what is meant by ‘multiplication’ and ‘to see Canada transformed.’

“We want to get in on this – rural or urban. Can you define it in a ways that we can all get in on this together?”

– Kevin Koop

14416484261_785df7a440_o “I echo Greg: ‘transform Canada’ isn’t biblical mandate. We should seek a mission statement that provides clarity. This further muddies the water.”

– Steve Wiens, Northview

“I’d like to speak to sandbox in principle. It worries me when we talk about a box, that we want to have clear boundaries. The church should be more of a centred community where people are moving toward Jesus. When we make non-negotiables, we start worrying about boundaries and who’s in and out.”

– Katrina Klauwe, Lendrum, Edmonton

“The question raised here points to idea we have two things going on. A mission statement – about who we are as a denomination. And a central ministry focus – about the executive board, measurements. Mission applies to everyone. Ministry focus is about staff.”

— John Unger, member of the executive board

“’Transform Canada’: are we called to do that as denomination? It seems that leads us astray from what we’re primarily called.”

– Steve Wiens

Willy Reimer: “Our focus is to multiply Christ in our churches, that what we’re all about.”

“I want to affirm this. It has means (multiply churches) and an end (to see Canada transformed. We believe that [transformation] happens through Christ-centred churches equipping people to be in their workplace, in their community, doing what God has called them to do. The sandbox thing can be understood as centred-type statements.”

– Tim McCarthy, North Langley

The motion was carried. Some opposing votes were registered.

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