Friday night celebration service plenary address

“Our ‘first team’ is the local church, says Bruce Enns, pastor of Forest Grove Community Church, Saskatoon, using Patrick Lencioni’s terminology.

Some time ago, God convicted him that he had “too low a view of the local church,” says Ens, who at one time wasn’t much interested in pastoring. “I realized I needed to see the church as it is and how God sees it, how God wants it to be.”

Speaking from 1 Corinthians, he drew several principles from the New Testament congregation almost guaranteed to be “more messed up than your church.”

Maturity in the local church leads to mission.

Unity reveals maturity and leads to mission.

There are different types of leaders and that’s okay.

Whether a person’s leadership style tends toward the more patient, long-view of gardeners who are at the mercy of the environment or builders who are interested in what they can do in the moment to create something tangible, there is a place for both gifts – and cautions for how they can be used poorly.

The one foundation we build on is Jesus Christ. Our work matters – but God provides the growth.

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