Going Forward – Willy Reimer’s comments concluding Gathering 2014

A tribute and an exhortation concluded Gathering 2014 in Vancouver.

Executive Director Willy Reimer paid tribute to Ralph and Grace Gliege, citing 22 years of ministry in Saskatchewan marked by model “perseverance, passion for Christ, and hospitality” to local church leaders and others. “You are all about relationship.”

Reimer reminded delegates the conference began with questions.

“Will you be a sent people?”

“Can we get on our knees before God?”

“Will we be an authentic people?”

“Will we be a worshiping people?”

The answer to all was yes, he said. And people did get on their knees to pray together for God’s spirit among them, did show and hear authenticity in the testimonies delegates heard, and did worship.

“There are 1800 seats in this church and about 250 people here,” he said, “and we filled this place with worship.”

He said, “Oh Lord, would we host the manifest presence of God, and would your mission come out of that.” He asked delegates to remember the weight of God’s love for us, and to have a growing awareness of the “lostness of Canadian people.”

He said delegates heard from guests ministering beyond our borders about the spirit at work, even in places of persecution and poverty. “The Spirit at work in the world is the same Spirit that is working in Canada.” He echoed the comment of a Khmu brother who said, “Pursue what God has called you to.”

“You are a sent people,” said Reimer. “You understand that.”

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