Lot 27 - 775 Hamilton StreetWe are so excited to be starting Gathering 2014 tomorrow! Here is some information for parking.

It is recommended to park at the Vancouver Public Library. Here is all the Easy Park information.


Let us know if you have any parking questions in the comments, twitter @ccmbcevents, or by emailing

See you tomorrow!


Experience Vancouver

Experience Vancouver is a tour (either on foot or by bus) highlighting various Mennonite Brethren ministries throughout downtown Vancouver. These tours are more than simply seeing the sights. Experience Vancouver offers participants a small taste of how MB initiatives operate in these diverse contexts. Ministry representatives will share their passion to see their neighbours experience Christ in life-transforming ways. Participants will have opportunities to pray for specific needs on location and be inspired to respond creatively to those in their home context.

During Experience Vancouver guests will:

–       Come in contact with the people, churches and ministries of Vancouver

–       See an intimate picture of the spiritual need in Vancouver and be infected by a passion for the lost

–       Gain a greater sense of the transferable ideas and practices that could shape local church ministry across Canada

–       Be challenged to reach the lost across Canada


Experience Vancouver will be an exciting continuation of worship as attendees are exposed to a city filled with energy and beauty, yet hungry for God’s Word.

Registration Due June 2, 2014

Hello Everyone! Just a friendly reminder that your registration is due in only 1 week! Click here for the registration form.

Email if you have any questions. We can’t wait to see you at Gathering 2014!

Reports Available Online

Reports are now available online! More are being added as they come in so check back often.


Speaker Spotlight – Willy Reimer

Willy Reimer 2012Willy Reimer is the Executive Director of the Canadian Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches (CCMBC). He and his “very gracious [and] wise” wife Gwen have three boys aged 23, 21, and 18 and are currently living in Calgary, Alberta. They attend SunWest Christian Fellowship and Willy is currently learning a new role as he transitions from a founding pastor into an attender and cheerleader.

“I love supporting my pastors as they lead our church with passion and excellence.”

3074208025_4c9934341c_oAlthough changes can often be difficult to navigate Willy keeps humour in the equation. He and his wife Gwen are moving into the stage of adult children leaving the home. As he describes it, “we’re walking into what is misnamed ‘empty nest’ but it really just means ‘empty fridge’.”

At Gathering Willy is delving into Romans 10:15 focusing on “Beautiful People”. He says, “[B]eautiful people are messengers of the good news of Jesus Christ. I am excited to unpack what that means for us as MBs.”

This ties in so well with what “Multiplying for Mission” means for him. He explains, “At the core Multiplying for Mission means that [I] live with the perspective that Jesus wants to see the gospel, the good news of Jesus Christ “multiplied” through my life, my church, and the organization [I] serve in.”

332595698_7a3b7107e2_oIt seems the toughest question for Willy was what muppet character he would be. His favourite choice was the “two old guys in the balcony” Statler and Waldorf. Willy says he “love[s] their sense of humour”.

Accommodations Reservations Due May 20, 2014

Hello Everyone! Just a friendly reminder that your hotel reservations is due in only 1 week!

The accommodations are at the Vancouver Marriott Pinnacle Hotel, 1128 W. Hastings St., Vancouver, B.C., V6E 4R5 at or by fax at 604-639-4034. The group rate code is “Canadian Mennonite conference.”

Email if you have any questions. We can’t wait to see you at Gathering 2014!

Coffee Disney Land – Chad (Westside Church)

Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 10 52 57 PM (2)I don’t believe I’ve ever met a pastor who doesn’t drink coffee. I’m sure they exist, but they are hard to find. Coffee is woven into the fibre of pastoral ministry. Maybe you’ve never thought about it, but the act of drinking coffee is a big part of our pastoral daily living. For example, waking up early to read the Word…coffee. A morning meeting with a mentor…coffee. A weekly staff meeting…coffee. Prayer meetings…coffee. Sitting down to write this blog…coffee! Ministry is a lot about people and when people gather we tend to drink coffee!

I have been blessed with the calling of pastoral ministry in the great city of Vancouver, British Columbia, and when it comes to coffee there is no city in this country more passionate than ours. Vancouver is the younger coffee-cousin to Portland and Seattle. Vancouver has seen a massive spike in craft coffee roasters, pour-over style coffee bars (yes, they are called “bars”), and a serious dedication to a carefully “crafted” cup of coffee. Even the use of tools and instruments such as the “refractometer” are now used to ensure just the right “extraction percentage”!  Whether you use a scale to brew your coffee, pop in a K-Cup, pull your Folger’s from the freezer, or hit a Starbucks drive-thru on the way to work, the important thing is that you enjoy the wonderful result of coffee that your taste is accustomed to.
192464145_c47c9c3de6_o (2)UntitledWhen you come to Vancouver in June for The Gathering 2014 I encourage you to venture into a new world of “coffee exploration”. Vancouver is a ‘Disney Land’ for coffee lovers. At Westside Church we have a coffee shop in the front lobby so when you arrive in the morning feel free to have your cup (carefully brewed by passionate Jesus followers) with us! Westside partnered many years ago with a local coffee bar, roaster and bakery called Elysian Coffee ( @elysiancoffee).revolver2 (2) Elysian has two coffee bars in the city and they won’t disappoint. The Elysian Broadway location (590 West Broadway) is one of my favourite spots to work and study off site. Be sure to order the ham and swiss croissant with your latte.  Since most of you are staying Downtown, I encourage you to make your way over to the neighbourhood of Gastown and visit Revolver Coffee ( @revolver_coffee 325 Cambie St.). Revolver has set a new standard over the past two years and is known by 49thmany critical tasters as “the place” for single origin, multi-roaster, pour-over method. My favourite drink at Revolver is the Gibraltar, a wonderfully balanced macchiato.  Lastly, a few more coffee bars to seek and find: Matchstick Coffee ( @matchstickYVR) with a second new location in Chinatown (best muffins in the city), 49th Parallel ( @49thparallel) if you enjoy a fresh donut with your coffee, and lastly Caffe Artigiano ( @caffeartigiano) as it resides right in your hotel – The Marriott Pinnacle.

I hope you experience Vancouver to the fullest when visiting. Part of that will be tasting what our city has to offer in the world of coffee. We look forward to hosting you- see you soon!


Pastor Chad MacDonald
Westside Church
(twitter) @chad_macdonald

Join the Conversation @chad_macdonald @ccmbcevents @cdnmbconf #ccmbcevents

Worship – Dean (Fraserview Church)

Worship through music at Gathering 2014 is being led by Nelson Boschman and Dean Morris. Check out Nelson Boschman’s Bio here!

dean-morris-180x180Dean Morris is the Worship Arts pastor at Fraserview Church and his lovely wife is Aila. He is passionate about music and says, “I hope that through music people can encounter God in a way that is unique and moving, and as a result, will pursue him with a revived energy and enthusiasm.” He describes himself as being a noise-maker, thinking outside the lines, colouring outside of the box, Anabaptist. His favourite quote is:

“Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.” Martin Luther King Jr.

Dean points to Romans 12 teachings on how worshiping God is not only about music but about worshiping God is with our very lives. We are called to be living sacrifices as our acceptable form of worship. He also finds it incredible that not only do we get to worship God while here on Earth but that worship is one thing we will be able to do in Heaven as well! (Revelation 4). Musical worship to Dean is an “extremely powerful and meaningful way of connecting to, crying out to, and re-centering myself with God.” He also feels blessed that he can lead people to Jesus though the joining of melody, music, and the Gospel.fraserview

Dean is looking forward to worshiping with all his Mennonite Brethren brothers and sisters at Gathering 2014. He says, “Come ready to stomp your feet, clap your hands, lift your voice, and celebrate Jesus!”


Please be in prayer for Nelson and Dean as they work together to plan our worship for Gathering 2014.