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“Nobody goes to church to put in time,” says Ron Toews, L2L director. Through coaching, L2L helps churches and individuals grow on a journey with God.

“Good coaching helps you better understand where you’re at,” says life-long learning host Daniel Beutler – even if that place is scary.

Coach US helps determine where a church is on its life cycle – in the vision and relationship stage of growth or the maintenance and nostalgia of decline. This determines whether response is replanting, resourcing, refocusing or restoring.

When the vision of a church drifts, members aren’t on the same page anymore, and often personal agendas are pursued instead of a corporate trajectory.


At the 9-year mark, Jericho Ridge was in vision drift, says Brad Sumner. They called on L2L, expecting “a stage from the stage,” but instead god “a guide from the side,” who helped them through self-discovery, allowing them to own their lessons and action steps. (Read more about Brad Sumner’s experience here)

But, “personal renewal precedes corporate renewal,” says Beutler. And so L2L also offers Coach ME.

“We are on a life-long journey of discovery with God.” At each turning point – whether a high or low – “God deposits key insights and entrustments that shape both our being and our doing,” says Beutler, giving the example of Joseph who challenges with his brothers and as a slave prepared him to rule Egypt. (Genesis 50:18–20).

The coach process, says Beutler, is not a dialogue, but a tri-alogue: a conversation between you, the coach, and God. It’s about listening, learning and living.

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